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Our Process


A scheduled conversation between you and our team to discuss your current need.
The purpose for this is to understand:

  • Your personnel needs
  • Position’s requirements and skillset
  • Your company culture
  • What makes your opportunity attractive to top talent


After the evaluation meeting our firm will propose how we can best fill your critical personnel need.

  • Provide an honest assessment of the position parameters
  • Discuss the necessary resources to complete the search
  • Reach agreement on best way to work together to effectively & efficiently complete the search


Our team will develop a tailored plan for aggressively filling your position.

  • We will identify top talent from competitors and similar companies
  • Establish the best platforms to directly engage the right individuals
  • Leverage our industry contacts
  • Communicate the plan to you


Our Account Executives will directly contact top talent through multiple resources. We do not rely solely on job posting services to provide us with talent.

  • Our team will personally speak with potential candidates and sell your opportunity and company
  • We will actively recruit passive candidates who are unreachable through job boards
  • We will provide weekly updates on the search


Each candidate will be extensively interviewed by our firm to determine their qualification.

  • We take a personal approach to evaluate each candidate
  • We learn each candidate’s work history, product knowledge, industry knowledge, reasons for making a job change, education, relocation needs, and career goals


Our team will take the initial pool of candidates and present only the most qualified.

  • We will set up an evaluation call within 48 hours of sending the resumes
  • During the call we will share our assessment of each candidate
  • Initial interviews will be scheduled according to this assessment


We will arrange each interview, according to availability and preferred medium.

  • We will schedule a debrief phone call to receive your feedback within 24 hours of each interview
  • During the debrief we will share the candidate’s interest and feedback
  • This process occurs after each interview


Once you have decided to make an offer, we will facilitate the offer process in order to expedite the candidate’s acceptance.

  • We will qualify candidates on counteroffer, relocation, compensation and receive a verbal commitment prior to us presenting the written offer


We ensure the written offer is accepted in a timely manner.

  • We will support the candidate through resignation and onboarding until start date
  • After a hire we will follow-up in 30, 60, and 90 days to ensure the candidate is meeting your expectations