Engineering Technician (Pumps/Motors) Indiana

Job Description

• Responsible for managing the design process for new and existing pump products.
• Inspects products and processes, conducts tests, and collects data.
• Assists with research and development.
• Prepares and conducts experiments, collects data, and calculates or record results.
• May prepare and manage records necessary for certification and for regulatory compliance and certification. Follows the company’s internal asset management processes.
• Performs general office duties, including answering the telephone, filing, and word processing.
• Assists with the design, development, testing, and manufacture of products and other equipment. May use computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) equipment.
• Tests and inspects machines and equipment to assist the engineer in corrective action of production problems.
• Helps develop methods and devices used in the prevention, control, or remediation of environmental hazards.
• Prepares layouts and drawings of parts to be used for testing, setup, and manufacturing.
• Tests preexisting designs and design prototypes

Experience Required

• Associate’s degree in engineering, engineering technology, design technology, or a related field (preferred).
• Three to five years of relevant education or experience in engineering, engineering technology, design technology, or a related field (required).
• Someone with a machining, maintenance, automotive, HVAC, or military background

About The Company

This company is a leading Equipment Manufacturer that has been in industry since the 1940s. They manufacture pumps and motors for multiple industries. This company is a global leader and continues to grow.

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